Making tea, November 4th

Black Jug (c) Ann Johnson
‘Black Jug’
Making tea, November 4th

Look at this keen moon, out already at five o' clock.
A Greenwich Mean Time moon means
tea time keeps its hour, later. At the sink,

I chop and think idly about the colour of veg
and the mildness of November. We say it's wonderful
for the time of year and forget the hedgehogs,

used to deep dreaming by now. The kitchen radio has experts
playing a food quiz. Between them, mellow as mead,
they divide up a cow into portions on a butcher's map,

slice a slither from a cow's neck, cut into the loins,
make off with the rump. Fillet the flesh into neat warm
chunks. Fillet the cow into beef with its heart ripped out.

Look at this moon, run through with a bacon slicer,
lopped gibbous. And a skyline the colour of rare steak.
Bonfire night tomorrow and no need for hot soup or scarves.

From Imagining the Full Hundred (Gwasg Pantycelyn, 2003)


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