Cat’s Tenth Year

‘Moon Garden: after Paul Klee’
Cat's Tenth Year

Currently, his meat must come with gravy.
Give him fish in jelly and it’ll turn to flies.

He’s had a phase of biting bare legs at 3am
as you sleep-walk to the loo.

The purr wakes you, then the pounce.
He draws blood, mad blooder, creature of the night!

In spring, when all the wish is for life,
he’s under the blue tits’ nesting box,
drooling death. He’ll catch a summer rat
and eat it in half - leave the back end
with a tail, two legs and gore attached.

Autumn finds him glutting on shrews
and winter has him kill the Christmas robin
and leave it like Santa’s gift in the kitchen-grotto.

Yet still - ah, puddy tat -
he creeps to your bed
and onto your chest
and sings you to sleep

for the warmth
and the heart to heart
pump and swish
of blood.


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