That Cat

Stripy-Pinky Cat
That Cat

whose fur is slid
to where your fingers spread;

whose purr splatters specifically you
(as if only you matter);

whose fish-food platter is left for manky
after The Great Show of Hunger;

who's disposed to dribble, nibble bits of digestive,
make quiver live creatures like shrews;

who eats these in the loo
on the yellow bath mat leaving them chewed up

except for, sometimes, a tail and two back legs,
a curl of innards, turned already blue;

who has a knack for snacking on the just-baked
fruit cake that’s cooling on the cake-rack;

who stares you out until specifically your lap
no longer feels his lack;

whose orange hair sticks playfully to black;
who poops on the vegetable patch;

who is apt to back-track and leave by the cat-flap
when words shrill to: Where’s That Cat?


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