Telepathic Crow

    Telepathic crow                    on a telegraph pole – beady-eyed, bread-eyed, the canny bird knows a thing or two about the woman in the house below, what comes, what goes – so waits for when she is best likely to show up with scraps, cheese, crusts,…


Prey Brought Down

    Prey Brought Down And he let fly an arrow. And it entered the side of the gazelle. And she fell in the dust. And she swung her head towards him. And her wild bewilderment blazed. And the man bounded towards her. And the thing in her side was not enough to kill her….

Bringing in the Horses

  Bringing in the Horses In winter, we bring the horses in at four o’clock. The stables spill yellow light across the yard. The radio is on counting shopping days left till Christmas while we bustle to and from the barn, filling and tying up nets of hay for the night. The horses know the…


Aviary, collage and paint  

At the bird feeder

At the bird feeder We’ve cut the laurel back to make it less easy but before that I watched the rat climb up through the bayleaf branches and tightrope across the thin rail to where the birds’ peanuts hang. One whiskery snout first pushed out among the foliage (I by the window put down my…


Panther, collage and paint  


Bat-thing Response to Meredith Andrea’s ‘Pipistrelle’ It was like this: a high street place of bodies busy with their heels and soles, the ordinary tramp of feet on wet pavements.                                     I was little but not as lost as the bit of brownish-black on the pavement that a woman kicked to the side with her…

Poor Cow

Poor Cow on sore cloven feet trawls fields farms barns lows along lanes nine miles long tows night into dawn finds her own calf born days before and torn away from her huge mother’s milk   Note This poem was inspired by the true story of a heifer named Blackie, quoted by Mark Gold in…